How to Create the Perfect Montclair Home Office

How to Create the Perfect Montclair Home Office

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic two years ago, we have all been experiencing major changes in our lifestyles. One of the most notable effects is also proving to be one of the most lasting- and that is the shift to working from home. Whether you are telecommuting, attending Zoom meetings, or submitting assignments online instead of in person, most of us are finding that the work from home lifestyle is here to stay.

So what does this mean when it comes to your home space? What it means, in sum, is that you now have an opportunity to design the perfect home office in your Montclair home. In this article we will look at helpful tips, products, and reminders to make your home office the ideal place to work.

Find The Right Space

While it may be tempting to open the laptop from the comfort of your bed, or lounge on the cozy sofa while you field your work meetings on the phone, this is not a good long-term solution. Choosing the right space for your home office is key to helping you create a productive, sustainable atmosphere. Get out of your pajamas and put on clothes that make you feel professional, then make the daily ‘commute’ to the office- even if that office is just down the hall.

If you have an entirely separate room that can be transformed into your home office space, then that is an ideal choice. Choose a room at the opposite end of the house from the main social action. Privacy and quiet are both important factors to look for; having a separate home office room means you can lock the door and even soundproof the walls if you choose to. Natural light is also key; try to choose a room with big windows and plenty of access to natural light. The more often you look up and give your eyes a break from the screen, the better for your overall health and stamina it will be.

Not every living situation has space for an entirely separate home office. If you are working with more limitations, choose instead a particular area that can be cordoned off in your living room or den. Or, alternatively, go for a more flexible approach by setting up your workspace anew each day, and putting it away at the end of the day. Use a room divider to separate the space without making a permanent addition to your open floor plan home.

Choose The Right Furniture

The next step in crafting the perfect home office is to choose the right furniture. Start with the basics: most likely you will need a desk, a chair, some storage space, and lighting options. Take the opportunity to carefully consider your needs as you choose each piece of furniture.

Office Chair

Look for an office chair that provides ergonomic support. Since you will be spending hours each day at the work desk, choose a sturdy, comfortable office chair that not only looks nice, but also helps support your posture. You will be making a smart investment.

Office Desk

For a desk, make sure you choose a desk large enough to fit your computer, a keyboard, a mouse, and the select few items that you will keep on your desk. Try to keep your desk free of clutter and unnecessary items. Not only will this help you stay focused on the task at hand, but it will also create a tidier appearance for your video meetings online.

Storage Space

In terms of storage space, you will likely want some bookshelves and a filing cabinet. If you live at home with kids, keep your filing cabinet locked so that there are no accidents- you don’t want important and sensitive work documents to be the victims of an apple juice spill, or an overzealous toddler’s latest gluey art project.

Lighting Options

As far as lighting goes, give yourself multiple lighting options for different times throughout the day. Strong, blue-tinted overhead lighting is good for the height of the day, when you need to focus and remain alert. But if you find yourself working late into the evenings, you will want a softer, warm-hued lamp that provides a more concentrated light.

Blue light keeps your brain buzzing; by swapping to a yellow or orange toned lamp for those late-night work sessions you can get the job done, but still allow your mind to rest and relax at the end of the day. Too much exposure to harsh blue light can make it difficult to sleep at night, which can be a particular problem when your home and workspace are the same place.

Boost Your WiFi Signal

The next important consideration to keep in mind as you set up your perfect home office is the Wifi signal. From e-commerce merchants to freelance writers to advertising executives, chances are the bulk of your work is taking place over the internet. So you will want to make sure your local internet connection is strong, fast, and reliable.

If it seems that the internet connection is weak or unreliable in your chosen home office area, consider moving the internet router closer to your office. You can also try purchasing a Wifi extender to boost the signal in that part of your home.

If neither of those options seem to be solving the problem, then you may want to consider switching to a more reliable local internet provider. Between video calls, collaborative digital workspaces, and remote file storage in the cloud, there is a lot that depends upon your internet connection. You will want to make sure that your Wifi is up to the task.

Consider The Whole Atmosphere

Beyond the basics of furniture and a strong internet connection, you can take advantage of the opportunity to customize your own home office space. Personalize your décor so that it suits your tastes and preferences. Think of it like decorating your cubicle in the office building, but with way more power to choose and customize to your style. Paint the walls a color that soothes you but keeps you alert. Hang a few pictures that make you feel happy and also productive.

If you like listening to music while you work, you may want to install a good speaker system. Jazz, classical, or hard rock? It’s up to you to create your own sonic atmosphere. You can even put on ambient sounds to help keep your mind calm and focused, or animal sounds to help you feel like you really are in a different environment.

Final Thoughts

As you choose your space, furniture, decorations, and internet options for your home office, try to keep in mind that this a space meant to accommodate you. Do some research to find the perfect choices that will help you stay happy, focused, productive, and calm while on the job.

Each day that you arrive in the home office, you will feel glad to begin your workday. And then, when the day is done, you can close the door, put away the room divider, or walk down the hallway and arrive at home, ready to relax with your family.

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